Interactive games event with a Caribbean theme for 150 people.
Client: IBM
Venue: The Grand Brighton
Objectives: To create team games event matched to a Caribbean theme with emphasis on staff interaction and to provide an entertaining evening following an afternoon conference.
  Turnaround time from the conference was extremely tight.
  Decor. We decorated the room using a Caribbean backdrop, exotic tropical flowers and other key props including 8ft high palm trees and 5ft weathered barrels.  
  Entertainment. Our Steel band provided the music with our limbo dancer providing the early entertainment.  
  Team games. Our own David Gant from Viva Events hosted the games event. Team leaders could be identified by their Caribbean shirts. Garlands, sunglasses and straw hats were also provided for each team member. 6 different activities were prepared to test the teams with scores recorded by our staff. The teams had approximately 10 - 15 minutes on each game for each member of the team to participate. 2 teams competed on each activity to score as many points or on the casino to win as much money in the time allotted. Points were awarded and computed onto scoresheets.  
  On this occasion the 6 base activities were:  
  • 2 x Surf board simulators  
  • Coconut shy  
  • Quickdraw target shooting  
  • 2 x Football tables  
  • Caribbean Casino with games roulette, blackjack, craps   and the calypso wheel of fortune  
  • 2 x Giant Jengas  
  The award ceremony followed with the winning team receiving their prizes.  
  Our team games events can be adapted to many different formats with a whole host of different games and activities to choose from.  
  Following the success of the Caribbean event, we are currently formatting a 'Team' Western evening including new games such as the rope the cactus and horseshoe throwing as well as old favourites such as the rodeo bull.  
Caribbean themed party